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Suitability of Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are largely unregulated investment funds which are typically limited to investment by accredited investors, i.e. high net worth individuals, pension funds, and other institutional investors.  These funds are not restricted by many of the regulations and disclosure requirements of mutual funds, and they have evolved into a widely diverse industry investing in an array of traditional and non-traditional investments. 

As set out in the NASD Notice to its Members linked below, the NASD / FINRA has expressed its concern regarding the sale of hedge funds by its representatives to retail customers.  The Notice emphasizes that the risks and disadvantages associated with hedge funds must be fully disclosed to retail customers, and the sales representative or member must use due diligence to investigate the fund and must make a customer specific determination of suitability for the customer?s situation.
NASD Notice to Members

Posted by Greco & Greco on 08/16 at 05:47 PM
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