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State Securities Regulators release new list of top investor threats

NASAA (the North American Securities Adminstrators Association) has released its 2013 list of top financial product and practice threats to investors here.

The top threat is one that we at Greco & Greco see often - Private Offerings.  As stated by NASAA:  “These offerings commonly are referred to as Reg D/Rule 506 offerings, named for the exemption in federal securities laws that allows private placements to be sold to investors without registration). By definition these are limited investment offerings that are highly illiquid, generally lack transparency and have little regulatory oversight. While Reg D/Rule 506 offerings are used by many legitimate companies to raise capital, they carry high risk and may not be suitable for many individual investors.”

These private offerings are often high risk investments.  Be wary should your stockbroker or investment advisor recommend them to you as safe or low risk.

Other potential threats listed by NASAA include real estate investment schemes, high yield investment and ponzi schemes, affinity fraud, self directed IRAs, Oil and Gas Drilling Programs, and digital currency.

If your stockbroker or investment advisor has sold you a product without disclosing the risks involved, or if you think you are a victim of a fraudulent investment scheme, please contact Greco & Greco for a free consultation.

Posted by Greco & Greco on 11/08 at 11:00 AM
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