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Schwab YieldPlus Losses

In a decline that has been described as “one of the more spectacular meltdowns in mutual fund history” by this San Francisco Chronicle article, the Schwab YieldPlus fund has declined by over 25% this year. 

The Schwab Yield Plus fund was supposed to be an ultra short term bond fund which was a “smart alternative for your cash,” but investors who expected the safety of a money market fund have suffered significant damages.  As shown by this Morningstar report, the fund invested almost 50% of its assets in mortgage related securities.

Investors who invested in the Schwab YieldPlus fund expecting a cash or money market alternative and subsequently lost a portion of their savings should contact an attorney to discuss their legal options.  Greco & Greco is a law firm experienced in filing arbitration claims against brokerage firms based on misrepresentations, omissions, securities fraud, and other wrongful conduct.

Posted by Greco & Greco on 05/26 at 12:51 PM
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