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Medical Capital Charged With Fraud by SEC

Medical Capital Holdings is another private placement investment that has been subject to claims of fraud by the SEC.  In the Amended Complaint found on the Receivership site the SEC alleges that despite promises in the offering memoranda from Medical Capital not to use investor funds to pay administrative fees, 24% of investor funds were paid out as administrative fees, and the companies engaged in sham intercompany transactions to pay back principal and interest to investors in prior offerings. 

Furthermore, as set out in this Orange County Register article, the head of Medical Capital (Sidney Field) had previously had his insurance license revoked by California, had been sued twice by state insurance regulators for racketeering and fraud, and had filed bankruptcy.

Investors who were sold these offerings by their stock brokers and have suffered losses may have claims that they can bring in FINRA arbitrations against their brokerage firms.  Firms selling such offerings have due diligence duties prior to approval of their sale, and representatives are required to only make suitable recommendations to their customers.  Additionally, representatives may not misrepresent the risk of securities they recommend, and they must disclose material facts related to risk.  Greco & Greco is pursuing claims in arbitration on behalf of customers who were sold these products.  If you think you may have a claim, please contact us for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Posted by W. Scott Greco on 03/19/10.
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