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Greco & Greco's lawyers represent investors to recover losses caused by securities fraud, churning, lack of suitability, negligence, sales of unregistered securities, unauthorized trading, and other misconduct by stock brokers, investment advisors, financial planners and their firms.

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J.P. Morgan

Brokers barred for stealing from elderly widow

As shown by this press release, FINRA barred two JP Morgan Chase Securities brokers for taking $300,000 in annuity proceeds from an elderly widow. 

Although the firm paid the monies back to the customer, in many instances securities brokerage firms claim they are not responsible for the theft or wrongful acts of their brokers.  However, multiple legal theories mandate liability for a firm for the wrongful acts of its brokers/agents even if the firm claims it did not know of the activity.  If you are a victim of a similar scheme and wish to discuss your rights with an attorney, please contact Greco & Greco for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Posted by W. Scott Greco on 12/13/13.
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Businesses left out of Auction Rate Securities Settlements?

As discussed in this Bloomberg article, the settlements reached by regulators regarding auction rate securities sales with many of the large brokerage firms fail to help medium to large businesses who were also sold ARS.  Although the required buyouts in the settlements with UBS, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wachovia Corp. reached $35 billion, this amount only approximates 18% of the $200 billion estimated to be still outstanding. 

Although the settlements call for the firms to use their best efforts to help institutional investors stuck with the frozen ARS, they fall short of requiring a buyback.  This situation may force mid-sized to large companies to seek redress on their own through the arbitration or court system.  Please contact Greco & Greco if your business is holding frozen ARS as a result of fraudulent sales practices of a brokerage firm.

Posted by W. Scott Greco on 08/22/08.
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Consequential Damages for Auction Rate Securities Unresolved

As set out in this Kansas City Star article Wachovia and JP Morgan Chase have joined UBS, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup in settling charges related to their sale of Auction Rate Securities.  Although the settlement agreements with exact details are not completed, it appears that the firms will be buying back frozen auction rate securities sold to individuals and small businesses.
Left open is the recovery of consequential damages suffered by buyers of the allegedly liquid ARS who couldn’t access their cash.  The press releases and articles related to the settlements reference that customers will be able to seek recovery of their consequential damages through arbitration, with the firms admitting liability, but not conceding damages. 
If you or your business suffered monetary damages as a result of having your funds frozen in ARS, please contact Greco & Greco for a free consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss options for recovery of your damages.

Posted by W. Scott Greco on 08/21/08.
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